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Originally Posted by Twilight Sky View Post
But that said, going back to the topic at hand, I don't mind what I do as far as post-speculation is concerned. There's one thing that I'm really adamantly picky about and that's for the tradition of the Battle Frontier to continue. Sure, it has been remade into so many ways: The Battle Subway, The Pokemon World Tournament, you name it. Except it doesn't give off that same vibe. Not even the Battle Frontier in HG/SS was really enough to satisfy my tastes, sadly.

Is it because of me wearing my nostalgia goggles? I admit partially, yes. But my enjoyment came from the variety and diversity that Gen III's Battle Frontier had to offer, and I was a huge fan of that, so yeah. n_n; Other than that, I'm really not caring too much, maybe like a post-game adventure or something would be nice, because it does get a bit tiring rehashing the whole "ypu beat the e4, now enjoy (post-game battle facility here)" stuff. I'd like to have sidequests, other adventures to go on, things of that nature~
Yes, I totally agree. The amount of time I spent in Emerald playing the Battle Frontier was ridiculous, between ACTUALLY doing the venues or raising Pokémon to compete was ridiculous. Sinnoh tried to recreate the Battle Frontier, but honestly it was totally lackluster in comparison to what Hoenn had to offer. The new events like the Battle Castle and the Battle Arcade were just totally meh to me, whereas I was missing the Battle Dome and the Battle Pike. They continued on with this exact Battle Frontier in HGSS, which was nice to have it I guess, but I still yearned for more. Unova gave us things like Black City and White Forest, and with the sequels we got the PWT, but I still wanted a lot more.

In a perfect world, I would LOVE to see the Hoenn Frontier make it's way back to us, maybe not keeping the same leaders of each venue, but keeping the venues the same. I honestly think it was by and far the most fun I have ever had with Pokémon post-game, and I'd love to see it back. I doubt this is going to happen sadly, since they already changed the Frontier away from this, so even if we just got a return of the Battle Frontier in general I'd be happy!
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