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    Ignis & Fulgur Gerentis
    ??? -> Jubilife


    WHY!?!” Ignis yelled as he grabbed his brother by the neck, pinning him to the wall. “I didn’t trust them. I-I’m sorry.” Fulgur yelped in pain. “WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES THAT MAKE!?! IF THEY WERE A THREAT I’D HAVE HANDLED IT THERE!” Ignis screamed tightening his grip. Fulgur struggled for air, clawing at his brother’s arm, “Please, brother, calm down.” he pleaded. “I’ll forgive you this time. But never go against me like that again.” Ignis said as he let go of brother, watching him fall to the ground with a thud.

    Earlier in the day the twins had run into a group of people that welcomed them in and offered them shelter and food. However, Fulgur felt something was off about the group and late in the night he teleported he and Ignis out to there Cave hideout. Good thing to, moments after he did, the cannibalistic group stormed the building they let them sleep in burning it to the ground with the intent to ‘cook’ and eat the brothers.

    I’m going to Jubilife,” Ignis stated, “You can come with me, or you can wait here. I don’t care.” He said as he started walking in a random direction, flickering for a moment then disappearing completely. He reappeared on the outskirts of Jubilife. Fulgur knew his brother was going to cause some sort of trouble. Jubilife was always where he went when he felt like causing trouble.

    Should we go after him?” Static asked. “Yes, we have to be there to stop him if he goes crazy again.” Fulgur said with a sigh. Ignis was growing more and more dangerous with each day and he’s at his last straw with Fulgur. Even Fulgur doesn’t trust Ignis when he losses control, it’s not a good situation at all.

    Fulgur teleported behind his twin brother. “Now, where is h--” he got cut off by Ignis grabbing him covering his mouth with his hand. “Shh. It’s those girls from before. Should we go over?” Fulgur shook his head in disagreement but it was to late, Ignis had already begun walking towards the two girls. “Hopefully they still despise this place too.” Ignis thought.

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