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    Episode N 008/BW Season 2 032/BW 116

    Satoshi-tachi (including N) visit a Kanto festival. Satoshi tells everyone about his history with Lizardon.

    07 March, 2013 [Japan]

    My thoughts mostly consisted of OH MY FRICK I JUST AAAAAA HOLY BALLS but here's some other stuff:

    Disclaimer: finished watching this raw ten minutes ago. I don't know Japanese. That's not particularly an issue though.

    I really liked how happy Satoshi was to be at the Kanto Festival and see all kinds of things from his home region. And the clumsy Hitokage was adorable. And the frickin Koiking Salesman was there sdfghjkl. They missed a trick though- the TRio should've been hanging around his booth. :3 And the flashback scenes were REALLY WELL DONE I ENJOYED THAT IMMENSELY. AND NOW SATOSHI HAS LIZARDON WITH HIM YESSSSSS BEAUTIFUL but why he wasn't in the Valley still is beyond me? Unless I missed something in Sinnoh? And okay so Kenhallow is wish Oak, right... isn't that the first Isshu Pokémon Satoshi's sent back to him? It makes a bit of sense when you think that he's now been in the League and he can do that. And I'm pretty confident I heard some really old BGM when Lizardon appeared. :D
    Also, also Dent and N seem to be hanging out more. That's interesting. I suppose they get on because they both have a deeper understanding of Pokémon relations than most people? And they're the older ones? ALSO YOU KNOW WHAT ELSE Dent has been more flamboyant again lately. Maybe it's because we have N to be the serious anchor of the group?
    Finally, finally- I liked how they worked in Lizardon's Zukan entry in! That was good. Satoshi didn't have to be stupid and scan it for his own benefit- he did it to prove to Iris that Lizardon wasn't actually a dragon type. That was very very nice. I've been angry at his scanning things like BUOYSEL and HEIGANI I mean come ON.

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