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    Luxanna's Log #8 & a ½

    "Lovely... I wish," the trainer mutters. "Haven't you seen the fire?" She gestures behind Lux, hoping that you'll notice the orange glow in the sky and the trees a little ways away that are strangely enough on fire.

    "Oh... the fire?" Lux asked, as she looked behind her. Yup. There was definitely a fire. "Ohhh that. You know, I was wondering why it was so hot and... firey, y'know? So, um, what are you doing here, anyway? I don't see much people comin' through here!"

    "I was going to scout out the cave since I usually skipped it in the old games... But MAO is so very different," the trainer says, as her gaze floats into the darkness behind you. "Is there really impenetrable darkness in there? Do you really have to use FLASH to be able to get around?"

    "Nope! It is A-OK in there!" Lux replied. "I caught a Geodude in there, too! Well, I mean, maybe the only thing weird about that cave is that it forces you to rhyme, you know? Yup, rhyming... and you don't want to screw up your timing... OH WAIT IT DID IT AGAIN!! See? So, are ya goin' on in there? Or... hey wait! Who are ya anyway?"

    "One question at a time!" the young trainer answered. "I'm Krissu, and I'm a pokemon trainer, like yourself. I assume that you are a player yourself?"

    "You got it!" replied Lux. "I'm the super-magica-kawaii-desu Lux! And... this introduction would be more awesome if there was fireworks!"

    "I see," replied Krissu. "Well, anyway, I don't want to hold up anymore of your time, so, you should get away from here as fast as you can before the fire gets worse."

    "Oh, hey yeah!" replied Lux. "I'm going to Violet City! So... what are you going to do here?"

    "I'm going inside, of course," replied Krissu. "You know, the key to try and complete this game is to try and have as many pokemon partners as you can. It'll reduce your risk of losing."

    "Naaaaah!" Lux disagreed. "I think the fun thing about this game is to try and win with your bestest of friends and favorites, y'know? Growlithe has always been my favourite pokemon, and I did always like to have a Pidgey and a Geodude! They are all sorts of fun!"

    "I don't think you understand the seriousness of our situation..." Krissu explained. "However, if that's how you feel, far from me to stop you." Krissu then turned away from Lux to head towards the nearby cave. "Well, whatever you decide to do, I do hope I see you again. Take care."

    "Byyyyyye!" Lux said as she waved goodbye to the young trainer. "See ya again!"

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