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    Thank you for being understanding. Pokemon Chocolate Green will be continued on.

    Anyway, when you start the game, Dr. Pine is absent from his lab, therefore, when you meet his assistant, she will help you choose your first Pokémon. The PokéGear will have a use in later versions of the game, and I decided to still use the PokeGear. If you have any other questions, do not ask them in a rude way, be supportive.

    Wait a minute, I saw your Pokémon Eon thread and it got a lot of comments, not to mention a lot of good comments. Pokemon Chocolate Green is receiving bad comments. I'll need to pay more attention to your game for a reference for Episode 3.

    Anyway, the last bit of Episode 2 has been finished. Sorry if it was short, but it will take a while for me to finish Episode 3, as I'll pay more attention.

    Sorry about not editing the intro, I do not have a sprite for Doctor Pine to replace the Professor Oak at the beginning. Once I get a viable picture, Chocolate Green will have a better intro.
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