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Penance 'Madman' Malum

Penance heard the Salamance speak up and turned to regard him, "Really? You want to help?" The Golduck thought about it for a second, "Sure. We need many minds to think up of more plans. Come on over and pop a seat." He stated. Though as soon as the Salamance had come to him the Golurk and Ninetales approached and pretty much blamed him for Veletra being captured. He rolled his eyes and glared at the two, "Well if you two hadn't interfered with her then she wouldn't have been captured! She had the plan in motion and throw in a few loose screws and everything falls apart! But for now quit your whining. She's not dead nor will she die. We already know where she is being taken with our scouts following after her. So then."

He whistled and the Abra from before ported right on top of his head. "Hm? Yes?" He asked lazily.

Penance pointed at the group, "Lead them to Veletra. We have her position being investigated every second so just follow the instructions." The Abra smirked and leaped off his head, "Will do Penance!" He snickered and glanced about, "So whoever is a crybaby follow me! We'll get sweet Veletra and bandage her up!" He crackled and began to walk off.

Meanwhile Penance came up behind Guardia and nodded, "Ah. Well that would explain it." He gestured up toward the ceiling. "Leon! Get down here!" He shouted out loud. There was a brief silence then a black shape suddenly appeared to be falling from the ceiling, right before he hit the ground a Pidgeotto came out from the darkness near the ceiling and flew low enough so that the shape was able to use the bird as a soft landing step and finally came to a stop right on the ground. A rather muscular Weavile with a green bandanna tied around his left bicep stood there before the group. "Yeah? So I'm coming?" Penance nodded, "We'll need your help. We'll need ya to do some quick assassinations if we want to get to the Crystal quickly."

Leon snorted, "Don't need any of them, just send me in alone. You know what I am capable of Penance." He said with a boastful tone.

Penance frowned, "They wouldn't want to, right Zane?" He asked the Bisharp. "Though for now, help them with getting their gear."

Leon smirked and headed off to the building as well, "This way Goldies. Now, there are some rules." He stated as he opened up the building and headed in. "First off, only take a few items, not much. Second, touch something you aren't supposed to touch, I cut off your hand. Third, piss me off and I kill you, good?" He asked. The building was not that big, but it contained many items in it. Berries, hand items, evolution stones, and all manners of small weaponry. Though... the key feature was actually a small table set up there. A good twenty or so Gold Tribe emblems were on the table, each having a plate identifying which symbol belonged to the various deceased Gold Tribe members. Right above the table was another plate that identified the emblems as 'Trophies'. "Go ahead and shop." The Weavile said as he leaned against the wall and checked upon his claws.