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    I would like to prove my scripting ability and I guess I should share my proof.

    Well, here are 4 videos of scripts I have made. I didn't include the scripts because many videos had multiple scripts in them, and I just don't have the time right now to find all of them. I would also like to apologize for the speed of the text. When I recorded these, VBA decided it wanted to run at 50% in fullscreen, so I didn't have an accurate judge of the timing. Lastly, I know there are several spelling and grammar mistakes. Anyone who knows me well knows that almost every post I make has been edited for gammer, so for all of you bad-gammerphobes, I am sorry.:p

    Just a little background info on the circumstances of these videos. These come from a small hack I made for my friends in which there is a post-game story where Team Magma and Team Aqua have teamed up after their failures to catch Groudon and Kyogre. There are also several more side quests and stuff, but it is riddled with inside jokes that wouldn't make any sense to most of you, so I never plan on releasing it.

    Ability to change the clock anytime you want!

    A guy who rewards you for showing him a Rayquaza:
    Part 1: Right at the beginning of the game.

    Part 2: At the end once you have a Rayquaza.

    (The reason the broken image of Bulbasaur is in there, is because of a glitch in the game where the first Lz image presented after the title screen is shown without a proper palette, unless you open Birch's bag first. I eliminated Birch's bag in order to create a script which gives you a shiny starter, and this whole thing was a clever way of fixing that problem.:D No joke, without the problem, this guy who rewards for a Rayquaza would not exist.)

    A Quest for A Riolu Egg:

    So, basically, a guy named Prof. Surewood has learned from studying old legends, that the only place Riolu live is a remote mountain called Mt. Aura. He wants you to go and find an egg and bring it back. This video picks up after your long arduous journey right before you find the eggs.


    All of these scripts were written over 2 months ago. My abilities have grown since then, but these do show how well I can script.

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