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Underground Town

The audacity of it. After everything this insolent cretin had put them through, Paladin had attempted to reason with him instead of dismembering him limb from limb. This was the response he got. Flared up, the angry Golurk took a step towards the Madman, intent on giving him a lesson, but his attention was turned to another Pokemon who came nearby. "I can't let you two go out there to rescue this Pokemon," said Zane. "Not after we just found you. At least, not alone." Paladin turned to face him, paying no more mind to the nuisance behind him. He was touched at Zane's concern for his and Allora's safety. It was only then that he noticed that Allora had joined him, and felt stupid for not realizing it earlier. She had a concerned look on her face. Paladin wanted to reassure her, but Zane spoke again. "I can't let you two go out there to rescue this Pokemon," he said. Paladin was somewhat surprised at these words. From what he could recollect, Vigil had been a well-respected member of the Gold Tribe when it was in its prime, but he had never actually been in a position to give orders. This led Paladin to assume that the Bisharp must have become the leader of this group of remaining members. "Not after we just found you. At least, not alone." Zane continued, as he proceeded to scan the area for suitable companions for the trek. Paladin personally didn't think he needed any help, but it would certainly be appreciated. "Hell, I'm not letting the two of them go at it alone. Especially since I know one of 'em..." said another voice. Paladin looked to see another Pokemon approaching. Apparently, he already knew Allora. Perhaps they had been allied in the old days. He then turned his attention to the green Salamence from earlier. Once again, that tiny spark of fear ignited in the back of Paladin's mind, but he soon got over it when the Salamence, known as Blitzkrieg, introduced himself politely to both the Golurk and the Ninetales. Paladin nodded at Blitzkrieg. "Thanks for your concern, brother."

Zane then ordered another Pokemon to aid the two in their rescue. The Ditto heartily agreed to the request and came to join the group. "If you could spare one of yours to guide them through to the top to rescue this 'Veletra', that would be helpful." Vigil said, and the Golduck obliged, calling over an Abra who looked like he did not want to be where he was right now. Turning away from the Abra for a moment, Paladin turned to face Zane. He wanted to ask Vigil so much about his past, and prepared to unload a volley of questions at him. However, he held back, realizing that now was not the time for such things. Instead, all that Paladin said was, "Thank you." His attention was turned back to the Abra's voice. "So whoever is a crybaby follow me! We'll get sweet Veletra and bandage her up!" the Abra said. Paladin didn't like this Pokemon's attitude either, but he openly assumed that some of the Madman's operatives would be like him: mad. Veletra and Excadrill didn't seem crazy, but they could have been putting on a show. He certainly had enough of deception for one day.

This led Paladin to another pressing matter: Zed. The baby Snivy he had left in the care of one of the Madman's operatives could be anywhere by now. Had Excadrill stolen him? Paladin was almost consumed by worry as he proceeded to follow the Abra, very much hoping that he was not to be led into another trap. He motioned for Allora and the two others to follow him, pressed for time as it was.

The Abra led Paladin and his party forward into more tunnels. He had a map in case they got lost, but kept it stuffed safely into a satchel on his back, as he seemed to have memorized the way. "Allora, are you alright?" Paladin asked compassionately, inspecting her form for any signs of injuries. "Did that Xatu mess with your head?"