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    Hanso SharpEye
    The Golduck regarded Truestriker, "Yes, don't worry Hanso, you defeated the big bad psychics links on your mind." At that the group of psychics chuckled lightly. "Though you should keep that defense up, it'll help you much later on."

    Hanso's eye twitched at the first comment, but he said nothing as he watched Penance and the others. He might have checked the unconscious Golurk's mind, but Zane and Healer got there first. One problem solved, for now. Hanso was able to keep his anger in check now, but there still wasn't much of an outlet. The Gallade gradually built his telepathic network among the Gold Tribe, aware that the other Psychics would sense it if they probed. Despite what Penance had put them through, it seemed that Zane was still willing to accept the Golduck's help.

    One of the Alakazams spoke up, "Penance. They found the note, a kill all order is being ordered by the end of the day."

    Hanso stuttered in his mental task. Note? Kill-all order? Did they freakin' leave a note that prompted--

    The Golduck closed his eyes and thought for a bit, nodding after a while. "Hm, quicker than I thought. Alright, follow me. Have strategies 48, 52, and 104 on standby."

    At least the Psychics were gone from the room...but that didn't mean they wouldn't show up again. Hanso frowned at Penance's back; the Golduck had known about the note mentioned by the Alakazam. They left a note that somehow prompted 'them' - probably the Sentinels - to issue a kill-all order. What was in the note? Or...might it be another set-up for us? What would the point be? It didn't seem to directly affect the Gold Tribe, except where their part might fit into liberating Cape City. Unless they just want to mess with our heads more. Agh, I shouldn't be thinking like this. Sometimes I just hate words.

    Besides, there was something else Hanso felt he should worry about. As Penance opened a doorway in the wall, Hanso remained where he was until he'd checked for illusions. Nothing illusional about the door, it seemed. Hanso continued to work on his network as the Gold Tribe entered a small town, building up the mental defenses. Yet, as they came to a map on the ground, Hanso sighed. Not sure it's enough. And I don't have the focus for a blank white room at the moment. He checked through his network, filling in gaps that he found in its defenses. Hanso even went as far as to build more defensible 'walls' around the Gold Tribe's minds than normal. He'd learned at least that much from his twin, though she would be able to cut through if she wanted.

    If she was around, that is.

    Hanso shook the thought out of his head and concentrated on the map, ignoring the near-complaints that the Golurk and new Ninetails delivered to Penance. The angle he viewed it from was a little skewed, given that Lyn was scribbling down her own miniature version of the map. Still...Hanso thought he might see where they'd entered the tunnels, IF his memory of the dark tunnels was accurate, and IF this map followed the same compass directions. Can't memorize the whole thing in one sitting, though.

    Hanso looked up as a rather muscular Weavile with a green bandanna tied around his left bicep appeared before the group. "Yeah? So I'm coming?"

    Penance nodded, "We'll need your help. We'll need ya to do some quick assassinations if we want to get to the Crystal quickly."

    Leon snorted, "Don't need any of them, just send me in alone. You know what I am capable of Penance." He said with a boastful tone.

    Penance frowned, "They wouldn't want to, right Zane?" He asked the Bisharp. "Though for now, help them with getting their gear."

    Ten seconds and I already don't like him. That's not counting this whole situation. Not to mention that Dark-types naturally had some more mental resistance than other Pokemon, with a full immunity to Psychic attacks as well. Hanso glanced between Penance and Leon before deciding to follow the Weavile to the building.

    "This way Goldies. Now, there are some rules." He stated as he opened up the building and headed in. "First off, only take a few items, not much. Second, touch something you aren't supposed to touch, I cut off your hand. Third, piss me off and I kill you, good?" Leon asked.

    I wouldn't get along with him no matter which sides we were on. Hanso glared at the Weavile for a moment before turning his attention to the items. He would need berries for sure; maintaining his telepathic network did take a bit of energy, especially with additional defenses. "It might be safer, and quicker, if we teleported back to this town once we find the Gold Crystal." Hanso's message was relayed through the network to all of the Gold Tribe, except Penance of course. "Assuming that it's possible, and if we're not moving on to a different location afterwards. Do we even want to come back here, though, if we didn't need to?"

    As Hanso gave the others time to respond, he gathered some berries before his eyes were drawn to a small table. The Gallade wondered why the Gold Tribe emblems were sitting there, until he read the plate that said 'Trophies'. Hanso glanced over at Leon before walking up to the table. He read through the plates, identifying a few titles he'd heard before. Hanso lingered at one in particular: an armband, similar to his own but belonging to another Gallade. They had been friends, somewhat, before the other Gallade had disappeared in an investigation in Cape City.

    And now I know what had probably happened to him. Hanso shook his head once before looking through the rest of the plates. He double-checked to make sure, checking the symbols themselves, before stepping away. "At least she didn't seem to die here," Hanso muttered. He wasn't about to give up on finding his twin.