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Originally Posted by Miss Doronjo View Post
Well, just to give you guys a sneak peek of the new Digimon-RP I made:


about the game
Digimon is quite a popular series throughout the world, from America, to Zimbabwe. Soon, there was a new game that sent even the world to a buzz: a new Digimon game called [/TAMERS]. This game was to embrace the latest of virtual reality technology; a person would be able to create their own avatar, partner with their own digimon, and head inside the actual world full of digimon! About 10,000 copies were pre-ordered and bought before the release date, as the people who bought these games were known as the beta-testers. Soon, the game was released world wide, as a wide of range of audience - from children to young adults, bought copies of this game for themselves.

Playing the game was simple. As soon as a person buys a copy, they are supplied with their very own digivice, with it's color varying on what sort of [/TAMERS] pack they have bought. They are then able to play the game with this digivice, but connecting to the internet wirelessly with it. The rest of the steps were simple. First, you gotta create a custom avatar for yourself, as a Digimon Tamer. You customize your clothing, pick whether you are male or female, customize any facial features you have, and even create a Tamer name for yourself. Then comes the fun part; picking your very own partner digimon! You could of basically picked any rookie digimon you want, and then, pick it's digivolution-line. Once you've done that, it was time to play. But there was something wrong.

There was a bright light, as you then felt dizzy. Soon, you passed out, and there was darkness. When you came to, you see yourself in an unfamiliar setting. A very busy city? Your body felt frozen and cold as you rise up. It was then you looked around at yourself; you're wearing unfamiliar clothing. But then something else comes up to mind. Your name. Did it make sense? Or was it now... something different? It was then that you saw it: a bright light that develops in your hand. Soon that light materialized into something familiar - a Digivice. Perhaps you might think that you're dreaming, but it was then that your digivice glowed. When the light fade, you saw something. Something that seemed... familiar. It was a creature, that was staring right at you. A Digimon. Your partner digimon. It was weird, but... it seemed as though you knew your digimon all of your life, even though you've just met it at that very moment.

Soon you might of realized that you are now playing the game. It was cool! But then, something else went wrong - there was no way to log out. You couldn't get out of this world. It was then that you saw a giant screen right near a tall building. The only thing it said:

Of course, as panic was scattered throughout this game world with the players, there came another message from the giant screen: "Only by defeating all the levels will you be free from this world. Each level will consist of a Digimon Boss, or Digimon Bosses. Take care of your partner. For if it is erased, you will die. Be sure that it will grow strong. You are the only one who can..." But of course... that only made people panic more. But, could it be possible for you and your new partner to work together to defeat all of the levels and digimon? How can you bond together with your digimon for both of you to grow stronger? Only you can find those answers, as you play this game full of joy, challenge, and darkness.

@ The Start of the Roleplay...
It's been about 2 months since the first announcement as passed. Most people with their partnered digimon have been living about in the beginner level, the city, or hanging about the few levels where specific settings are located. Life was good with the digimon. Humans and digimon cook together, fish together, fight together, live together, heck, they do almost everything together. However, some people are concerned about the completion of the game; a front army has been devising strategies to try and complete all of the levels. However, there was one controversial matter. Digivolution. Most people have figured out to simply digivolve your digimon, you use your digivice to select "digivolve" from the menu. Once you hit that, of course, your in-training digimon can evolve to rook, and your rookie digimon can evolve to a champion level digimon. There is currently no known way to digivolve a champion level to it's Ultimate level. At least, not yet. However, even with their strength, time is not on their side.

The World of [/TAMERS]

The Digivice is pretty much the universal controller for all players. For one thing, they always allow for safe passage to a Town/City previously visited. They can also use the digivice to access the menu, which sort of "pop up" from the digivice screen, for the convince of players. They can access their digimon's skills, their power, and it can pretty much act as an hi-tech encyclopedia of pretty much any digimon a player encounters. A player can even interact wirelessly to other players by e-mail. They can also add any player to their friends list, or, as part of a party list.

The Digivice also has a card-slot function for Digimon-Modify. Digi-Modify is the term used in the game to refer to the act of modifying a partner Digimon's capabilities through the use of the Digimon card game. Digimon normally have to absorb data to get stronger, but, a Digimon partnered with players on the other hand, has the capability to temporarily increase its power using cards scanned through the Digivice.

More on to the levels of this game, levels every floor has a central portal for quick and easy travel. All Cities and Towns are safe areas, nobody can die and monsters cannot enter. Digimon may duel, however only in safe areas. The defeated digimon does not die, however, they drop to 1 health point. DK-ing, Digimon-Killing, is banned, attempting to damage another Digimon or Player outside of a 'Duel' results in an instant-teleport to Jail.

To advance to the next floor, the current dungeon must be cleared and the boss monster defeated, from then on the floor portal will be activated for everyone. Those who take part in a digimon boss fight and succeed are always rewarded.

Time in the Digital World passes just as it does in the real world, with day/night rotating to coincide with Japanese timezones. All language is translated within the game, therefore people from different countries can easily interact with each other.

List of Beginner Digimon-Modify Cards (New Players normally start with 3 cards)

~ Hyper Wing: Briefly gives your Digimon the ability to fly on white wings.
~ Power: Gives your Digimon extra power on its attacks.
~ Speed: Increases your Digimon's speed.
~ Stamina: Increases your Digimon's Stamina.
~ Alias!: Creates a clone of your Digimon to take an attack at the cost of energy.
~ Radiant Fate: Gives your Digimon a protective barrier that lasts for a few seconds.

rules of the roleplay

This Digimon roleplay is also based on the Manga/Anime 'Sword Art Online' (SAO). Knowledge of the franchise is not necessary, but may make it easier to write in the correct style and unleash all your creativity - as you'll have a lot of ideas to use. And of course, Digimon is a huge theme here.

Remember to listen to me, as I am the GM,and the one who has the background plot in my mind.

The evolution stages are called Fresh/In-training/Rookie/Champion/Ultimate/Mega. Just remember to not digivolve your digimon to higher levels until they are available for you. Rememeber to not god mod your characters; to keep everything fair this way.

If the Rookie you want is already taken, ask the other player if it's ok that you sign up with the same Rookie. However, there should be some difference to your evolution lines in that case.

You may come up with your own evolution lines; you don't have to follow the canon ones. You can even invent a digimon of your own, if you feel daring. But pictures are needed. When doing this, you may for example treat a Champion as an Ultimate and Ultimate as a Mega if you think it fits your evolution line better. But if you put a digimon who should be a Mega in the Ultimate spot, I might tell you to change it if I find it overpowered.

Your human and your digimon will be your main characters. No other player may bunny them without your permission. Any other characters you make up are labeled as NPCs and any player can bunny them a little bit. You have the right, though, to tell a player if you think they aren't staying true to the personality you tried to give a certain NPC.

I will have a human/digimon pair of my own, but I might also play other important characters in the RP. If I don't say anything when introducing someone, the new character is a regular NPC. If I don't want you to be able to bunny it, I will let you know.

Remember to post in the IC thread at least once a week. Notify me if you know you'll be absent for longer than that. Post in the OOC thread too! Use it to discuss plot/encounters/events/characters/anything!

Sign-Up Sheet


Name | (first and last)
Gender | (girl or boy)
Location | (anywhere in the real world)
Age | (13-20)

Appearance | (you can put a picture, but describe things that aren't seen from the picture then)

Personality | (what your character is like)

History | (something about how you grew up, what family you have and why your personality is what it is today. Include your relationship with Digimon, and how you got into this Digimon Game!)



Name | (first and 'possibly' last)
Gender | (girl or boy)
Age | (13-20)
Digivice Color | (any one or two colors you want)

Appearance | (you can put a picture, but describe things that aren't seen from the picture then)


Species | (as Rookie, that is. you can look at this page to take a look at the list of digimon.)

Appearance | (link to images here, please. Picture of your Rookie form is needed, the others are optional.)

Personality | (just a brief personality of your digimon)

Evolution line | In-training -> Rookie -> Champion -> Ultimate -> Mega

css by twilightblade

It still needs tweaking and editting of some things, but yeaaaah.
Wow, this looks amazing! I would be really keen to join once it's posted!