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    James Joules Garnet

    When James felt himself completely lapse into the small field of gravity that seemed to have enveloped he and Aria, he let out a short sigh. Even if he had wanted to run away now, he felt that there was such an intense magnetism between the two of them that he'd likely not have been able to. Then Aria pulled back to look into his eyes. That made James very nervous. Alas, the gaze did not last long, as Aria had suddenly pressed her lips against his. This didn't make James nervous so much as it made his heart do a 1440 degree flip. Yet at the same time, the kiss made James feel even closer to Aria. There was something incredible about how he felt right at that moment. Feeling his face heat up, James did the only thing he could. He closed his eyes and kissed back with all of his heart.

    - Beheaded Kamikaze; Serious Sam 3.
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