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Wow, that really sucks, James. Anyway, a lot's happened today, so hooray.

- During my training, went back to Pokestar Studios and filmed some movies. Even let Hydra be part of a couple.

- Finally managed to beat Colress in the World Tournament thing with a well-aimed, Work Up-boosted Dragon Rush at his Magneton, which was my main problem.

- Went through the whole Team Plasma thing on the boat, pretty much pwned everyone.

- Afterwards, I made my way out of Chargestone Cave and reached Mistralton City.

- Do a bit of training with the trainers in Celestial Tower.

- During the training, Hydra finally reaches LVL 50 and evolves into Zweilous! Huzzah!

- Proceeded to challenge the gym. Hydra, in her new Zweilous form, pretty much 1HKO's everything that the trainers and even the gym leader put before her.

- Make my way to Lentimas Town. I take a visit to the Haunted Mansion or whatever and get seriously spooked by the ghost girl...nah, I'm kidding. Obtain Lunar Wing.

- I get through Reversal Mountain, grinding a bit on the trainers in there, and get to Undella Town.

- After a totally one-sided battle with my rival, I go to Opelucid City to kill Drayden. Dragon-on-Dragon was really tough, but I managed to get through it with Hydra.

- Afterwards, though, I had a big problem with Zinzolin during the whole freezing Opelucid scenario. He kept using Ice-type Cryogonals that would kill Hydra with a couple of Ice Beams. With the help of a lucky critical hit, though, I managed to beat him.

- Am currently trying to find a HM Slave that can use Fly to get me out of here. I already caught one that knows Surf.

- Hydra is two levels away from evolving again, and is seriously over-leveled right now.

Hydra ♀

LVL 62

Work Up
Dragon Rush
Dragon Pulse