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Originally Posted by Aryan143 View Post
You finally posted the thread. I can't just wait to play the beta. Also will the icons appear for the Physical Special split?
I'm using the Physical/Special Split by user Doesntknowhowtoplay. While his does work, it does not show the icon symbol next to the moves. Other users have run test and it does indeed work however. I tried the one with the symbols by the moves, but it totally resets the game every time you use a physical attack.

Originally Posted by Meloetta24 View Post
Woah! the screenshots! its too far from dr1 I like this hack! Keep it up pls.
Also, is the Leaf storm and new attacks have new animation?
No, but they'll have very close identical animations. I may look into the move animations tutorials on how to change them. So who knows. We're still looking into ways to improve the hack even more.

Originally Posted by Leafgreen2itsmyidea View Post
Beautiful Tileset.
It's amazing to be a beta-tester of a Hack of Such a High Quality, Not only tiles but also the sprites really suprise me.
The plot is really interesting and engaging,
But aren't you planning to use transparent text-boxes?
What Tajaros said. However, Pinkish Purple has requested to change the textboxes, so who knows, maybe there is a way to change it.

@Everyone Else

Thanks Everyone ^.^
It's gonna be amazing!