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Levina ~ Cape City ~ Snype

Snype suddenly felt several jolts of electricity go through him as Levina unleashed a Thunderbolt onto a passing Marill. He kept his large grin nonetheless. He was too insane to bother himself with expressing pain, despite feeling alot of it. The rest of the civilians scattered around in fear afterwards. Snype meanwhile struggled to keep on, smelling like Charcoal now.

"k-k-k-k-keh-heheh...d-d-doing fine!" Snype said.

Levina couldn’t help but snicker at the burnt smelling Pokemon riding her back. It obviously affected him greatly but was too stubborn to admit it. “Don’t go passing out on me now. I don’t want to drag your limp body all over the place.” She smirked at him once more before returning her attention to the citizens. Levina slowly started running again to catch up to a fleeing group. “Your turn Snype.” She stated gleefully.

Snype snickered and shook himself into shape. He jumped off of Levina and looked around with a smirk. He targeted another Pokemon with Will-o-wisp to inflict a deadly burn on it. He had targeted a Rattata that was trying to escape. As soon as he was inflicted with the burn, the Rattata felt extreme pain from his insides... he was slowly dying. It felt almost like a heart attack. Snype rushed up to the Rattata and struck a claw through its throat to finish the job and threw it aside like trash.

"You gotta get creative with how you do these things! Kehehe... oh my! I almost forgot... we're supposed to be gathering information aren't we?"

Levina watched Snype closely since he was still carrying her backpack. She grinned with excitement as she watched him cruelly dispose of a Rattata. Levina then turned to her own prey, a Meowth, as her appearance split into six different forms and surrounded the Pokemon. She enjoyed using Double-Team on her foes and was skilled enough that her copies looked real. “Creative indeed. That is what makes this fun! Hehehe. And let the others gather information. I’m having way too much fun…..unless….” She trailed off as a menacing idea popped into her head. “We have fun torturing these pathetic Pokemon until they speak.”

The Meowth shook in terror as Levina closed in on him. “P P P P Please don’t h h h hurt me! Meow!” Levina chuckled and spoke sweetly to the frightened Pokemon. “We won’t hurt you if you tell us what we want to know.” She flared her fur with electricity and it danced about, crackling loudly.

"Ohhhh yes! Kill two birds with one stone!" Snype said sinisterly. He looked over to Levina as she pinned down a nearby Meowth. Snype walked over to the Meowth keeping a large smile. He decided to act calming. "Kehehe, please. We're only taking out all of the traitors! Everyone here has been involved in a rebellion... kehehe. You’re not an enemy are you? Kehehe..." Snype chuckled.

The Meowth coward in fear as he waited for an attack from the two Pokemon. “I I I I’m no e e e enemy! Meow! W W W What rebellion do y y you speak of? Meow! D D Do you mean t t those explosions f f from earlier?” Levina and her clones sat in unison as she watched the Meowth closely. “Of course. So you do know something about it. Well, well…..found a traitor already. Hehehe.” The Meowth gazed upon Levina in horror. “NO! MEOW! I am no t t traitor! The explosions w w were felt throughout the c c city. Meow!”

Snype sighed. No good. He didn't seem to know much about the rebellion... there had to be some more information laying around somewhere. Maybe it would be a good idea to check the explosion site.

"Where did the explosions start coming from? That'd be a good place to start looking." Snype said.

The Meowth hid his face with his paws in a poor attempt to make himself smaller than he was. Levina growled and pushed the small Pokemon over; placing one of her paws directly on his chest. “Well? ANSWER HIM!” Levina applied pressure on the Meowth’s chest. The Meowth let out a small squeak as he gasped for air. “I I I don’t know. Meow! O O Over by the c c church? Maybe? Meow!” Levina relieved some of the pressure as she looked at Snype. “The church huh? Think he is telling the truth?”

Snype scratched at his chin... the church... seemed curious enough. Maybe a potential place for a hideout? Or another underground passage... who knows? Snype nodded to Levina.

"We don't have any other leads. It’s worth a look." Snype said.

Levina smirked at the Meowth. “For your cooperation I will make sure your death is quick and painless. Hehe.” As soon as she was done with her sentence, Levina grabbed ahold of the Meowths neck, with her teeth, and jerked its head snapping the neck. Levina made her clones disappear as she tossed the limp body to the side. “So are you going to ride or walk?” She smirked at Snype.

Snype smiled as she killed off the Meowth. She sure had style... before even answering Snype jumped on top of Levina again. "Asking me huh? Hehe, well I'm getting used to it so far! Let’s get moving to that church and see what we can find!" Snype said, patting her side again.

Levina chuckled as she felt the weight of her partner plop on her back. “Let’s hope that I don’t burn you to a crisp one of these times.” She teased as she took off towards the church at a decent speed. Upon arriving at the church Levina noticed that there weren’t too many Pokemon around. Just those few who dared to be out. “Looks like word about us has spread already. It’s a shame. I was having fun.” Levina pouted as she let out an annoyed huff.

Allora ~ Underground City/Tunnels

The Golduck smarted off to Allora and Paladin as soon as they spoke to him. "Well if you two hadn't interfered with her then she wouldn't have been captured! She had the plan in motion and throw in a few loose screws and everything falls apart! But for now quit your whining. She's not dead nor will she die. We already know where she is being taken with our scouts following after her. So then." Allora opened her mouth to smart back at the annoying Pokemon when another voice interrupted. It was Zane, the leader of the main group. "I can't let you two go out there to rescue this Pokemon," He began. "Not after we just found you. At least, not alone." Allora looked at Zane and gave him a small smile. She was happy that he was willing to let them go rescue Veletra. She figured that he would protest and demand that they stayed with the group to find the Gold Crystal. Before Allora was able to thank him another Pokemon interjected. "Hell, I'm not letting the two of them go at it alone. Especially since I know one of 'em..." The Sawk piped up, grinning as he approached them, "Well, well. Allora the Shadow Protector. I knew I recognized you. You're looking sharp as ever, kid." He said, continuing to grin as he turned to face Zane. "I'll go with them and help." Allora stared at the Sawk for a bit as if trying to draw the memory of him out of her brain. “Ga…..Gallant?! Is that you!?” Allora stood wide-eyed as she finally recognized her old teacher. She cleared her throat and gave him a slight bow of respect. “It has been way to long teacher. I am very glad to see you are alright!” Allora smiled happily.

An odd feeling washed over Allora as she continued to watch her old teacher. The fact that she had found someone from her past shocked her but also relieved her. There was a chance that her parents and other classmates and teachers were alright. “Are the others….’around’ by chance? Did they make it as well?” She question Gallant. Allora already knew the answer but waited for a reply anyway. Her attention was drawn away from Gallant for a moment when she overheard Zane add a Ditto, named Speculum, and the Liligant that was with Paladin when she first saw her to the group. “Thank you for joining us you two.” Allora smiled at them before addressing the Liligant. “I don’t believe we have officially met. I’m sorry to be so rude. With everything going on it made it hard for chit chat. My name is Allora. It is nice to officially meet you.”

Allora’s attention was again drawn by Zane as he politely addressed the Golduck. "If you could spare one of yours to guide them through to the top to rescue this 'Veletra', that would be helpful." Allora eyed Madman in a glaring matter as she waited for his response. To her surprised, he agreed and whistled. Immediately after an Abra appeared on top of his head. "Hm? Yes?" The Pokemon asked lazily. Penance pointed at the group, "Lead them to Veletra. We have her position being investigated every second so just follow the instructions." The Abra smirked and leaped off Penance’s head, "Will do Penance!" He snickered and glanced about, "So whoever is a crybaby follow me! We'll get sweet Veletra and bandage her up!" He crackled and began to walk off. Allora was about to put the smart-mouthed Abra in his place when another voice caught her attention. "The Shadow Protector right? Where were you from sister? I don't remember ever hearing of your name and title before..." The Salamence shook his head in disappointment, "where are my manners... I'm Accatosh Corronis, Known as Blitzkrieg... It's an honor to meet you." Allora politely bowed like she did to her teacher. “It is an honor to meet you as well. I am Allora.” Allora became quieter as she remembered her group from Cape City. “I was stationed here in Cape City before the attack. I was… of the….no….the only one to escape the slaughter by the Silver Tribe. I have been hiding here since then; looking for others from my group. My search has been….unsuccessful I’m afraid.” Allora became quiet as she gave a moment of silence for all of her friends that had died that day.
By this time the Abra had a good lead on the group. Allora saw Paladin motion for her to follow the rest of the group. She turned to Zane one last time. “Thank you.” She bowed again and jogged off to catch up with the rest of the group.

Allora stayed a bit away from Paladin and watched him constantly as the Abra led them through the tunnels. Paladin must have noticed for he addressed her. "Allora, are you alright?" He asked compassionately before inspecting her form for any signs of injuries. "Did that Xatu mess with your head?" Allora walked up beside Paladin and spoke softly, “I am alright. Paladin… much of the fight do you remember? Was it that Xatu who did that to you?” She had so many questions that she wanted to ask her friend. The image of Paladin losing control like he did made her look away from her friend for a second. There was still so much she didn’t know and didn’t understand about Paladin. But she knew that that thing, that Pokemon, wasn’t Paladin. What that was she did not know.