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    Originally Posted by Zorogami View Post
    Ah cool stuff, im actually replaying Platinum because i started a challenge on it.
    I liked all of the Sinnoh starters too, not sure if i prefer Empoleon or Infernape...
    You never had a Torchic??! Thats like my favorite starter ever! Who did you pick playing RSE?

    All the pokemon you like are pretty cool, i think swablu is one of the cutest pokemon out there, and altaria looks awesome, like...eehm...majestic you could say? and it's not your standart dragon either.
    Zekrom is definitely my favorite legendary, i love his looks and his typing :D
    And no need to apologize for being descriptive about what you like ;)
    Challenge? Oooh... they look interesting! *Gets completely sidetracked* XD


    *iz back*

    Sadly, I've never owned a Game Boy or any of the earlier games (except for Pokemon Stadium, which was a hand-me-down), until I got a Diamond version around the time it came out. I was like; ''pokemon. I remember liking that! :D'' *buy*

    If I had owned the GenII games, though, I would have picked Torchic... I only really started liking Grovyle and Treecko after Mystery Dungeon. :3

    Majestic? That word is Altaria's middle name! (...after Softnfluffeh. That is a word now. :P ) It's a shame altaria has uber ice weakness, though. D:

    Out of all the gen five legendaries, Zekrom is definitely my favourite, but Dialga will always be my favourite legendary dragon... :P
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