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Originally Posted by Zorogami View Post
Yeah the challenges are pretty fun, you shoudl try one some time!

Oh im sorry you didnt have a game boy back then...
But now you can catch up on all the great games you missed!! :D

I have never played any of the mistery dungeon games, are they good?

Haha i like that word, it should definitely become a thing
Yeah that's the only bad thing i guess about being Dragon/Flying...but oh well, nobody is perfect.
I think Zekrom is also my all-time favorite legendary dragon, although i like Palkia too
I think I'd like to do a challenge with one of my Gen IVs :D, maybe my SS..? Hmm...
The Monotype or Username Letters one, I think. Unless I happen across something far more interesting

Quick! We must word drop at every possible occasion!
"Hi! *softnfluffeh* My name is *softnfluffeh* Dee! *softnfluffeh*"
...Or not.

Palkia? I've never had one on my team before, so I'll have to pass judgement (never owned pearl... only recently started using the Global Trade feature)
A slap-fight between the Doctor and Gibbs?
Congratulations, you just ended the universe.


Click Here, or mustachio will... look at you.


Too late!
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