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    Originally Posted by Jake♫ View Post
    Honestly with how weird they did Gen 5, this really doesn't seem that weird. From their normal conventions it's definitely early, but it's not necessarily a bad thing. I'm actually rather glad it came so soon, as a 3DS Pokémon title is something I've wanted since the system came out.

    You say it not necessarily a bad thing but it can be quite bad for sales. If it released with a load of competition it might be forgotten due to the competition being superior. But if no compertition is present no one might be bother to buy it within the first few weeks.

    Also they gap between games has to be a resonable size. Too close to the last game and they won't buy it within the first few weeks as they will be too buzy playing the previous game but too far from the previous game and the franchise will be forgotten easily.

    Also the time during the year that games are released is important. Release near christmas and people will be buying it for christmas, if a horror (gruesome) game it would be best to release it near halloween. Or many games are released during the spring as the most of the target audience (teenagers) often get aload of money for christmas and would spend it on the games released after christmas.

    So as you see, timing for the release of games can be important but on some occassions (for example Icaus 3D) it can be released around the hype of a new console.

    So for the marketing of games, the timing it is released by can be very important.

    On another note, I also brought the 3Ds when it first came out, it is so awesome so I cannot agree more, I need that game NOW!
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