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    Steven stood still, examining his scar in the mirror. He grimaced as he remembered the sharp pain of a force palm to the face. He stared up at the dreary black ceiling. He hated this place, all black and white. No color at all. No life at all. But that part was fine with him. He hated anything grass type. He couldn't wait to get out of this place. A message blared,

    "Phase One of the E8 Project commences today. Please proceed according to plan."

    He sighed, and moved out of his room. He walked down the dreary, black, hallway. He saw a man in a big suit walk by. The man sneered at him, and he smiled back, keeping on his mask of neutrality. The man pushed by him violently. Steven turned around and stared at him, searching for any ticks. The man stared back and pulled out a Pokeball, "Do you want to fight?" Steven noticed the side of his mouth twitching. He turned around and walked toward the room. "Get back here!" The man cried. Steven entered the room. He saw a girl return a Roselia, and he kept his face blank, but sneered inside. He walked over to the table.

    He put his hand on each Pokeball, feeling for which was the coldest. One felt very cold, and he pulled it out. He threw on the floor, and a Sneasel popped out. The Pokeball flew right back into his hand. He looked at the Sneasel, and smiled. A small smile, but one none the less. It would fit his plan perfectly. The Sneasel grinned up at him. "Hello there." He kneeled down to Sneasel's level. Sneasel rubbed its shoulders, as if it was cold, which is strange, as ice types are cold, but don't feel cold. "Show me your moves." Sneasel obeyed, and sent of a bubble of hearts, and Steven suddenly felt draw to, her? Was it a her? Sneasel next put up its claws, and metal spikes grew out of them. Steven jumped back in awe, as he was still under the affects of Attract. Sneasel then glowed and ran very quickly in circles, using agility. Steven was slightly less impressed, but still loved it. Finally, Sneasel used Icy Wind, a cold wash of air blowing over Steven, but it stopped as soon as it started, and Sneasel sneezed. Steven stared at Sneasel confused, "What's wrong girl?" Sneasel stared up at him in apology. Steven thought for a moment, "I'll call you... Sonara, after my mother."

    Sonara and Steven walked over to the girl with the Roselia. He stared at her Pokeball and asked, "Is that Roselia yours?"
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