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Originally Posted by Missing Number View Post
Lastly, can we have another starter? Something Magikarpy... starts out very weak but has crazy potential? Real, fake, doesn't matter so long as it has 3 stages and they are far enough apart (not like butterfree) and each stage has a destinct vibe so people don't just say "awww crap, why don't you just evolve already!!!" But cool enough to make you wanna mascot it like ash's pikachu that could possibly have a hold item that gigaboosts it like the afformentioned pikachu (like a lightball )
That would kill the feeling of sequel

Originally Posted by hackstar View Post
think about DR3..... what will happen...
Yeah... I wonder too... DRG stated that she wants a trilogy but we're supposed to defeat Darugis in DR2...
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