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Originally Posted by jackhiggins138 View Post
ive been trying to make my own ROM and ive gotten to know a bit about scripting
and i went to learn about battles like the zapdos one in FR/LG so i tried a zapdos in pallet town and the clip i was watching to help me ( a tutorial ) type in the commad :

removespirite 0x800F

he was using slowpoke as an example so how do i know the spirite number of zapdos?
This is not the right place where to ask ROM Hacking questions
The right place is ROM hacking section itself.
But I'll answer... the removesprite 0x800F is same as removesprite LASTTALKED (which was more understandable to beginning hackers...) so simply said, it removes the OW sprite that played last talked to.
ROM hacking FAQ - Read before asking how to play a hack.

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