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Glyn Schaffer - Chapter 1 - Part 3

Tympole (Swift Swim) - Bubblebeam, Supersonic, Rain Dance, Water Pulse

“Tympole, before we go, I really need to...” Glyn held up his hand for the tadpole pokémon not to get too far ahead of himself. In his other, the pokédex was pointing at the creature. Dad would have probably murdered him – well, sure, not actually murdering him, but Glyn figured that he'd freak out, though everything that rusty man had to say one usually had to take with a grain of salt – if he found out that his son didn't know the moves of a water type pokémon like Tympole by heart. His work was his passion, and he always tried to involve his family in one way or another with his research. There were a few Tympole among the pokémon he studied. A whole school of them inhabited the waters not far from Coriolis. He was meant to observe their migration patterns or something.

The pokédex flashed the image of a Tympole sample on its monitors, and it displayed a plethora of statistics, most of which Glyn wasn't looking for. The moves, the moves, the moves. He needed to know the moves. Bubblebeam, Supersonic, Rain Dance, Water Pulse. Cool beans, he thought. Now all he needed to do was garner the attention of the Spearow, as it was rather distracted with grooming its plumage. “Tympole bubblebeam!”

Tympole obliged the command of his trainer. He puffed his cheeks and emanated a blue colour originating from his mouth. The Spearow caught notice of the shimmer and it spread its wings in a threatening display. Blue orbs shot in rapid succession from Tympole, dashing towards the bird pokémon, but the Spearow vamoosed, and dodged the beam. “Tympole! Re-direct that beam!” Glyn called out. The Tympole altered his aim, and the barrage of spheres arched into the sky, yet the Spearow circumnavigated the anti-air fire alacritously. It made its intimidating war cry, a growl that instilled angst into the tadpole pokémon, and it plummeted from the sky towards the defenceless Tympole, smashing into him and sending him shooting up 1, 2, 3 metres in the sky, splashing back into the brook.

“Tympole!” Glyn called out. That strike must have hurt a lot, and his concern for Tympole's well-being accrued. The tadpole rolled itself into his upright position and resurfaced. In the meantime, the Spearow was circling around for the next assault. Glyn caught eye to the Spearow making its turn in flight and plummeting with a raptorial cry towards Tympole. His current tactic was pointless. He had to convert the battlefield to his favour, because the Spearow was too fast and to high up to successfully hit. It dawned on Glyn. “Tympole! Dive under!” he yelled. He flipped his tail and submerged under water, away from the peck attack of the Spearow. Instead, it had to embed itself like a spear into the surface of the water, which would deccelerate its momentum significantly. The bird shot into the water.

“That's right! Now use supersonic!” Glyn dashed towards the water to see underneath, though the ripples of the water broke the path of the light that entered his eyes. He was sure he could see the distorted figure of Tympole and the Spearow though. Tympole gaped his mouth and screeched a sound that trilled through the water, beaming forward to the surprise-stricken Spearow. The sounds were so high-pitched to be inaudible to Glyn, but they were tangible somehow. There certainly was a feeling that there was something making a sound, but nothing to hear. For the Spearow, it was the most harrowing sound it must have heard. It resurfaced and flew up, making zig zagging with a distorted balance of flight.

“Now we're getting this done!” Glyn was sort of proud that his quick thinking paid off. The Spearow looked confused by the incessant sound ringing in its ears, and that hampered its combat effectiveness. “Now use bubblebeam!” The tympole puffed his cheeks again and yawped when a machinegun fire of blue spheres came crashing towards the Spearow, now caught in an erratic flight. The beams made a direct hit on the faltering bird pokémon that crashed into the grass on the other side of the brook that Glyn was standing on. Confident that he had succesfully struck down the bird, he cheered Tympole on. “Now you're mine,” Glyn grinned and he jumped into the water. The surface level to his waist and he waded through the water towards the shallow inclination, behind which the Spearow crashed. He had an unoccupied pokéball in his hand intended to be used on the defeated Spearow. A shrill cry uttered behind the shallow slope. The Spearow appeared from behind the inclination, mustering the most malicious expression on its face that it could, aiming right at the Tympole. Glyn cheered too soon. The Spearow had snapped out of its confusion and was glowing red with fury. It shot like a bullet towards the unsuspecting Tympole, and knocked him right out of the water.

“Tympole! No!” Glyn hasted towards the wounded tadpole, spartling in the grass. He groaned in pain and the Spearow was making a U-turn to strike again. Glyn had to ford the brook again and he ran towards the Tympole, racing to get to him before the Spearow. He came to an escape plan to save his Tympole from the battering. He still had the empty pokéball ready for use. “Peck this, you bloody bird!” Glyn threw the pokéball towards the Spearow with all the force he could collect. The Spearow flew directly into the pokéball, hitting it with its full force. The ball shot open and converted it to a red energy. Glyn jumped and slid over the grass towards his aggrieved Tympole, scraping over the abrasive surface and sullying his clothing, crisp grains of sand and dirt flying up and defiling his sand blond locks, but he had to get to his Tympole. “I'm sorry, Tympole,” he cooed the tadpole pokémon, cradling him in his arms. “Tym,” Tympole replied, in a brief moment of understanding between man and Pokémon. Then Glyn felt a sharp thud on his right cheek, the Tympole getting his revenge on him by applying a firm slap with his tailfin. He had a cheeky, half-baked grin on him, and they both shattered with laughter over their little victory. Glyn looked up at the pokéball laying in the field. It was shaking furiously, and the light of the button was glowing bloodred. “Come on,” Glyn gritted his teeth in suspense. If it wouldn't hold the struggling Spearow, he and Tympole would be in for trouble.

[Spearow - Leer, Growl, Peck]
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