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The other E8 members had dropped in one after the other, each picking a pokémon from the table. Some chose carefully while others just seemed to pick a ball at random, and one person even seemed to know exactly which one to take right off the bat. All the time, Karma just sat in her seat, holding Argoyle's pokéball in her lap and watching the others move about. Her smile was unusually toned down, just barely showing her teeth at all. She was spacing out a bit, thinking...

She recognized them all, of course. You didn't aspire to become a leader in Team Rocket without collecting at least some intel on your subordinates and even more about your rivals. These people were all talented in their own ways and some were even skilled enough to impress Karma. Or at least amuse her.

There was the carefree Jasper, the grumpy Steven, the short and shy Scyke, the cute but cold Parvati and the funny guy called Ernest. And herself of course, the enigmatic Karma. At least she liked to call herself enigmatic!

Just as the last E8 had taken their pick, the Warden also entered the room. He stood before them and stared at them with intimidating look as he commented on the missing spot and gave them their further instructions. When he was done, he walked out his own exit from the cafeteria, only muttering one last thing: "You are free to leave for your first task, but the killer cannot escape me forever."

As the door closed behind him, Karma just couldn't keep quiet anymore. She let out a huge, crazy laugh that almost made her cry. The tension had just been too great! She got up from her seat before anyone else and excitedly glanced at them all.

"So..." she said. "We can finally leave this place again! With new pokémon! This will be an exciting day, my dear friends." She suddenly hesitated. She had gotten an idea while she was talking. "Actually... to make this a bit more interesting, why don't we make it a race? The first one back with a good new pokémon will earn my allegiance for a day! I can assure you it's a nice thing to have. I'm always ready to support worthy people!"

She blew a kiss out to the other E8 members and flicked her long, blonde hair with another laughter, albeit a much calmer one.

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