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    Black 3 and White 3
    Two years after the events of B/W2, I think that Unova would become a thriving metropolis with lots of the cities becoming metropolises. Team Plasma is back again, but this time they are more eager than ever to freeze over Unova using Kyurem's power. You are a young Trainer from Humilau City, and you are getting your first Pokémon when Team Plasma suddenly freezes over a large part of the sea connecting the town to Route 21. As you travel throughout the Unova Region, you begin to notice that more and more of each city you come across is frozen and that less people are inhabiting each one. After a while, you gain access to a new hidden town and realise that all of the people have been evacuated and that they are hiding from Team Plasma, which motivates you even more to defeat Team Plasma and stop their evil schemes before they can conquer the Unova Region.

    In terms of gameplay, you start in Humilau City and work your way backwards through the Unova region, being able to capture at least 450 of the 649 Pokémon. Trainers, Gym Leaders and Team Plasma are even harder than in B/W2, but there are lots of new places for you to train in, including early access to White Forest and Black City.

    Caption Contest
    N: Um... What are you doing?
    Ghetsis: Shhh... Don't say a thing... Now bend over and let Purrloin and that random umbrella do their thing.