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    Rock pokemon, I might never use them after this challenge.

    Wattsons Gym was easy up until his Magnetron. It kept paralyzing me and I had to Tail Whip it a few times to even do decent damage. After using up 5 Sodas and 4 Paralyze heals it finally went down. Wattson also used 2 Super Potions on it. Blah. 3/8 badges obtained.

    Head north from Mauville I took on the Winstrate household. All in all it's easy and I obtain the Macho Brace. Upon going further I realize I have nothing that can learn Rock Smash. I refuse to teach Tron HM's. I then catch NomNom the Gulpin and teach it to him.

    In Vandanturf Tunnel I meet a hiker with level 16 Geodudes. The first one proceeds to take down a level 35 Tron, awesome. Let's try again. After the second try the Hiker goes down a lot easier. Heading north from Mauville again, I do something time consuming and dumb. I run around to get ash for all the flutes. Never. Again. Not worth it. D:

    Heading south from Fallarbor I decide it's time to train Tron some new moves. He learns Shockwave and Secret Power, in the hopes that rock types become less horrible. I also feed him a Carbos to maybe boost his attack stat just a little.

    Nothing interesting happens in Meteor Falls besides meeting Team Aqua and Magma. I imagine these guys as just feuding siblings that too a fight waaay too far. On my way to Fallarbor I catch Derp Duck the Lotad. I'm slightly lost on where to go so this is where I'll end my small update.

    Tron the Bold Raichu
    Lv: 42 Ability: Static Item: Quick Claw
    110 / 82 / 64 / 86 / 75 / 109
    Shockwave / Tail Whip / Secret Power / Thunderbolt

    Jasper the Nincada: Lv 10 Flash / Harden / Leech Seed / Cut
    NomNom the Gulpin: Lv 12 Strength / Yawn / Poison Gas / Rock Smash
    Derp Duck the Lotad: Lv 15 Will be used for Surf and Waterfall