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    [ Jasper ]

    Jasper kept looking out the window while the Warden spoke, carefully paying attention but not showing it. He was surprised by how eary the first task was. He hated battling and catching Pokémon, mind you, so for him it was rather an inconvenience. But all things considered, this was a piece of cake. What was the Warned playing at? The ease of it made him more suspicious that the hardest task could. The man was spinning a web, and Jasper would rather not get caught in it.

    He was started out of his thoughts by a crude laugh. It came to no surprise to him that it belonged to the crazy-looking girl. He’d heard about her before from Johannes, a warning, though he couldn’t remember all of it. Johannes had talked to him at length about all of the E8, always looking out for Jasper’s safety where Jasper himself didn’t. This was also the reason why he’d shrugged through it and didn’t remember much. Now it was like the information was right behind a door, but he couldn’t find the knob. He tried hard to remember her name. Something weird. Something with a K…

    “why don't we make it a race? The first one back with a good new pokémon will earn my allegiance for a day! I can assure you it's a nice thing to have. I'm always ready to support worthy people!"

    Jasper raised his eyebrows. She was full of surprises, this one. Unpredictable. This made her dangerous to his own objectives: to stay alive through all of this.

    And then he remembered her name.

    “Karma, right?” He asked, as it clicked. He didn’t wait for her to respond, he knew he was right. “I’m going to have to decline that offer, I’m not a team player, race all you want, I don’t want to be a part of it. Plus, you know what they say: Karma’s a b*tch.”


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