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Jasper had spoken up. “I’m going to have to decline that offer, I’m not a team player, race all you want, I don’t want to be a part of it. Plus, you know what they say: Karma’s a b*tch.”

Karma listened to him with wide eyes, smile fading a little as she heard that he didn't like her idea of racing. And his little attempt at insulting her. The last words made her snap and laugh out loud again.

"Jasper, so adorable! I never did understand how you slid into the E8 with your scaredy ways, but that pun was really good, I've misjudged you!" she said, shaking her head with a pitiful grin at him. She winked. "If you don't want to play with the big guys, I won't force you. To my other dear colleagues - may the best leader grin! And Jasper is right, you know. About Karma." She winked again at the last words.

With that, she turned on her heel and slowly walked out from the room, thinking about where in Goldenrod a good pokémon could be found. She'd better swing by her room and put on a less attention drawing jacket if she was going out. Lab coats tended to stand out in public.

paired to a seeker.
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