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Alright! Finished my run today!

- Made my way to Humilau City and decimated the gym. Hydra evolved for the third time into Hydreigon! Boo ya!

- Took the new Hydra to the Team Plasma ship. Went through the whole scenario and killed Zinzolin with no issue this time.

- However, I did have minor issues with our good friend Colress. Took me an extra try, but the second time I wiped the floor with him.

- Made my way to the Grand Chasm, where I pretty much killed Black Kyurem with one Dragon Rush.

- Ghetsis did prove to be a bit of a problem, though. He had a Hydreigon of his own that nearly 1HKO'd mine. After I killed his Hydreigon, though, the rest was easy.

- Team Plasma over and done with! Hoorah! Next stop, Victory Road.

- Got to Victory Road and took a couple of HM Slaves to get past it. Succeeded without a problem.

- The E4! Deposited my HM Slaves in the PC and went up to face them.

- Beat Caitlin and Shauntal easy with Crunch as the only move I actually used.

- Grimsley presented a bit of a problem, because his Bisharp totally walled me, and then tried to murder me with X-Scissor. Luckily managed to kill him with a critical-hit Dragon Pulse.

- The hardest was obviously Marshal. His fighting types were a big problem, especially since a lot of them could resist 1HKO's, but I equipped Hydra with Fly, and she was able to take out most of them. The biggest problem, however, was Conkeldurr. After my first Fly missed, he managed to hit me with a Bulk Up-boosted Hammer Arm that I barely survived. After a couple more times using Fly, I managed to kill him though.

- E4 Done and over with! Time for the Champion. Dragon-on-Dragon is going to be tough.

- Battle! The Champion sends out Hydreigon, which I gladly counter with Hydra. Poor old Hydreigon is 1HKO'd.

- Champion makes a comeback with Druddigon, which is killed as soon as it is released because of Hydra's Outrage still going on.

- Champion brings out Lapras. A lucky kill with the last Outrage 1HKO's it before Hydra gets confused.

- Champion brings out Archeops. First try at killing it, Hydra hits herself with a little bonus from Archeops, but second try, Archeops is killed with Crunch.

- Next up is Haxorus, my greatest threat. With a lucky break on the confusion, Hydra goes at Haxorus with Outrage. Oh noes! Haxorus has a Focus Sash, and is Full-restored the next go. Hydra's rampage is still going on though, and Haxorus is put down by the next hit.

- Last and definitely not least, Aggron. Aggron walls my Outrage, bringing it to an abrupt stop and causing more confusion! Nothing I have will even normally hit Aggron, but lucky for me, Aggron keeps using Automotize while I slowly kill it with not-very-effective moves.

- So, I win! I'm done! Hydra and I have decimated the Pokemon Gyms and obliterated the Unova League. Next stop, WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS!

Final Team:

Hydra ♀

LVL 81

Dragon Pulse