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I think the best way to learn is to use the internet tutorials. I would recommend Python if you've never programmed before, because it is very easy to learn, works on all operating systems, has a very natural syntax (way of writing the code) and has great community support. If you wanted to try it I'd recommend the Dive Into Python book ( which is aimed at complete beginners and is how I learnt to program.

Failing Python, you could go the other way and learn Java, which has a much steeper learning curve but will force you to think proper coding right from the start.

Whatever you decide, if you wanted to pm me asking any questions, help etc then great, but a tutorial series is gonna be a lot better for you than having someone try to teach you personally in my opinion...

Finally, I presume you're planning on doing this in order to create games (most indie programmers are), but I'd warn you to stay away from graphics programming until you have a very secure understanding of basic programming concepts like OOP, inheritance, functions etc.
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