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Sovereign watched as three of the Sentinels broke into immense pain. It was a sight he had not expected. He felt distress at the sight of Genevieve suffering. But it was over as quickly as it had begun. " day's end, no matter what, we issue the kill-all order."

"What good is a kingdom where everyone's dead?" He whispered under his breath. They had their orders though. And he could not defy them. Surely there had to be another way. Right?

Of course there is, Sovereign. There's always another way. There's always... your way...

Sovereign shook his headabruptly. He could feel the sting of a migraine setting in.

Come on now. No one likes a worry wart. Just let the darkness wash over you. Let it consume you as all you worries dissapear...

"NO!" Sovereign shouted. His anger getting the better of him. Varren was getting on his last nerve. But this was not the place to lose his composer. He was drawing too much attention to himself. Then it hit him. Hours of sleeplessness caught up with him as he felt himself get dizzy. "I... I think I need to..." Sovereign felt the room spin as he fell to the ground, the weight of his body shaking the room itself. "...sleep..."

Vera shook her head. "You shouldn't have stayed out all night." She summoned a couple of the Ancients to help her lift up Sovereign's hulking body as the walked him to his quarters.

Before they could make it, however, Sovereign's eyes shot open. A wide grin came across his face. "Let go, Vera. I can walk now," he said.

"Are you sure you're alright?" Vera asked.

"I'm absolutely wonderful," he said as his eyes flashed a deep, red glow...