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    Outskirts of Curilan

    It has been quite a while since Evelynn had journeyed a quite amount of time, especially with a colorful bunch such as this. Eve, all the while, still had her eyes set on Varian; the handsome, yet strong man that she had encountered... With his cool, yet brash demeanor... ah, how Eve cherished all her time admiring him from a distance. She danced for him, but, while it was out of love in admiration, it was also from a requited perspective. But, she was confident that she would someday, prevail.

    Walking 7 days on the old dirt trail made Evelynn thought of the gentlemen that were up ahead. Her blade was just as hungry for a dance of the bloods as she was, and it was time that Eve had fed it proportions that will last for years. However, she knew about blades -- from the touch of blood, they will weep for more of an appetite. It was up to Eve to deliver. Soon Eve found herself climbing a steep hill. While it wasn't dancing, climbing was certainly quite a pleasured challenge for her. The blades of grass could only tickle Eve's kneecaps on the way up, for the cuts and bruises she felt deep on her skin had much more of an impact of her memory. She danced for those days too.

    Pretty soon after the climb, the target fort was in her sights. The colors it radiated; a deep gray, and... more grey, held a more impression for her than any ol' grey wolf she had combatted with. Oh, now she can wonder how many bandits inside she can dance with; hopefully hundreds will watch her performance, as her applause would be the screams from the bandits as their own blood pours from their ears! How appropriate! She can only roll around the grass thinking about that time... it was going to be the dance of love.

    Evelynn then noticed Varian as he then turned over on his back as he addressed the other mercenaries laid out next to him. He spoke in a hushed voice, to avoid being heard by the bandits. Evelynn longed to hear his voice once more, so she turned for attention. "Looks like five, maybe six scouts outside," said Varian. "Anyone with bows or long-range take them out quickly and quietly. Then we storm the fort."

    "Hmmmm, if only Evelynn was worthy of such the task laid out by fair Varian..." Eve said in a quiet, yet disappointed tone. "I curse myself for not learning bows. My apologizes."


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