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* I am so sorry for taking so long to continue this, won't happen again, maybe, hopefully

Cresselia was leading us through the clouds, we had to fly back over lake Valor because Cyrus had flown in the opposite direction to the Pokemon centre. As we were fly Chimchar seemed sad that we had lost Mesprit and really, really hated Cyrus from our encounters with him, long ago. As we were flying Chimchar seemed to spot something down by lake Valor, it was Omega!! Oh how much I missed having human company. I called out to Cresselia and pointed down at Omega. Cresselia nodded and I asked Togekiss to fly down to him. Omega was surprised when he saw us, and even more surprised when he saw Jirachi, Manaphy and Cresselia. With no time to loose I quickly told Omega what had happened with Azelf and Cyrus. "Why does there have to be do many bad people in the world" Omega cried. I agreed. Jirachi seemed to take a liking to Omega. " come on get out a flying Pokemon, Cresselia knows the way to go" I yelled over the brewing snowstorm. I hopped back on Togekiss with Chimchar and Manaphy and Omega sent out his Flygon and was joined by Jirachi. "Let's go" I called out "also try to ring Torrent tell him what's happening"...
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