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Hours passed as the two stalked their prey. The men talked and talked about life before, their family and their Pokemon, their jobs and abilities and adventures and on and on and ON! After five hours Valka was about to kill the four of them had it not been for the door they finally found. Lavender hid behind a rock as the four turned to look at each other.
"What d'you think it is?" The dumbest and fattest of the quartet asked, identified as Bill.
"It's obviously the entrance to the mole-people's den!" The thinnest one, identified as Dale, answered. He knocked anyway, allowing a slot to open up and see the four of them. Beady eyes looked over them closely before unlocking the door, letting them in. Lavender noted the chance and carefully left his cover, darting into the shadows of the cave to get a closer look at the door.
It was wooden and the lock was rusted, clearly it wouldn't work. They probably had a bunch of men on the other side, knives and clubs at the ready on the occasion a miscreant would try to force his way in. He gave control to his sociopathic companion once more, who chuckled silently as he carefully opened the door, seeing as the thug behind it waved off the four men. A simple cut in the hamstring took him down, and a quick slice in the throat silenced him. This act proved the theory about the various thugs as the moment the one went down, three more came from the shadows to assault whoever.
Lavender took control once again, much to Valka's chagrin. He ran as the three men gave chase, swiftly dodging and weaving about stalactites and rocks, hiding in the shadows until they were too exhausted to continue. As the men huffed and wheezed the Bisharp took over again, ready for battle.
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