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    Why did Jaspar call the crazy scientist lesbian the “b word”? That was a naughty word. He shouldn't say that.

    Jumping out of his seat, Ernest rushed through the doorway hurriedly, not because of the challenge (since he didn't want to be allied with Miss Lipstick), but because he was eager to obey the Warden's orders. Well, to be perfectly honest, it wasn't to obey orders- it was to see which Pokémon he took. The thought of getting a new Pokémon, no matter what type, was exciting enough. To know that today he was going to have two Pokémon, well, he was just about dying with anticipation.

    Maybe he would get one of those Pokémon that can't poop. That would be nice, not having to clean up every time he took it out for fresh air. Maybe he got a machine, like Magnemite or something- those were nice. They could even create magnetic waves powerful enough to drag refrigerators to them. Oh, or maybe he had gotten something made of crystals or ice cream. Those looked interesting.

    Ernest quickly lumbered through the hallway, laughing at the thought of eating his own Pokémon. It was far beyond his comfort zone, but well within the realm of possibility.

    After turning a corner and noticing the hallway appeared empty, he pulled out the small capsule and threw it on the ground as dramatically as he could. His large belly rolled like the the ocean, tossing and turning in a wave of large ripples. The ball bounced on the floor, released a bright beam of light, and then smacked him in the face on the return.

    Ow! That hurt.”

    The light quickly formed into a familiar monster- one that seemed to give off its own light.

    Ernest gasped, accidentally swallowing a fly. The Pokémon was on fire!

    “Fire!” he screamed, running in tiny circles. After a few moments of allotted panic-time, he ran to the conveniently-placed fire extinguisher across the hallway. He thought about smashing the glass with his fist, but decided just to open it with the handle, so he wouldn't hurt himself.

    Then he whipped around and pointed the extinguisher at his Pokémon. But by the grace of fate, he hesitated to fire the foam. Something seemed... off.

    That's when he noticed the fire was purple. As he looked more carefully, he saw the flame was perched atop a frowning figure, who glared at him with a cold, yellow eye. She stood, unmoving, watching him with a distant expression that was most certainly inhuman. Though she stood at only a foot, her presence was undeniably heavy.

    As the unearthly glow of her tiny flame flickered with its own life, as of controlled by a spirit. The fire almost appeared like it was trying to escape from its container, the way it moved violently in the still air.

    There was no denying what sort of creature that was. Litwick, the candle Pokémon.

    He dropped the fire extinguisher on the floor, letting the echo ring loudly through the hallway while he grappled for his belt.

    His fingers finally nestled on the tiny device. He ripped it from its resting place with a panicked shout and threw it at the monster.

    The ball sailed through the air, taking a few seconds to even decide to follow the laws of gravity. It smacked into the creature's face and landed on the ground, not even affecting her. She didn't even flinch.

    Litwick slowly turned her gaze to the Poké Ball that had fallen by her side. Then she turned to look at Ernest, who was now cowering in fear. Bending down, she picked up the little ball. Then she pushed the button on it, causing it to grow, and heaved it high into the air, allowing it to hit her head.

    She disappeared without another word. Although she was supposed to be Ernest's greatest ally, silence seemed to be hers.
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