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    Hey DRG, I was just playing Life of Guardians and I was thinking of two ideas you might want to put either in this hack or the next one.

    1. An ultimate move for each type in the game. I already posted something like this in the Ruby Destiny - Life of Guardians thread so you can check it out there what my idea was but basically, every type has some significantly powerful move (but still has enough drawbacks to prevent the move from being overpowered) that can only be learned by that type. Each move should have different effects from one another, to prevent from just being a bunch of carbon copies of one another (for example a move that decreases or increases multiple stats by two stages, a move that inflicts status effects like freeze 100% of the time, a move with high base power and a high chance to land a critical hit, etc.). These can be found in the form of TMs that are very difficult to obtain or the player could only be allowed to teach a limited number of them to their pokemon.

    2. A branching storyline, preferably where the player can choose to be evil. I absolutely love hacks that do this. Playing the role of the selfless, melodramatic hero who saves the land from all the evil gets boring after the fifty billionth time.

    Anyways, good luck with this hack.
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