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    So I have an idea about this game made using RPG Maker XP called Pokemon Xyllos

    So there is this guy and he is named Dr.Omega whose plan is to capture a pokemon named "Xyllos" Use its powers to take over the world. So he forms this Evil group called "Team Hunters" The Main Character : YOU Is on a journey to fill this thing called a Pokedex. You chose this journey because your rival who also has a Pokedex named Blade is trying to complete it before you! So along the way you meet new friends who eventually join you in your quest for filling the Pokedex. Though you soon realize that each town is overtaken by Team Hunters. Each city has a Team Hunters base which you have to sneak in and defeat the leader of that area , in addition to the Guardians.

    Guardians are protectors of each city but they don't know about the Hunters in their city. Every time you beat a guardian you are awarded with a amulet. Collect all 8 amulets and you continue to go to the divine Guardian which will give you a Divine amulet Collect all 4 divine amulets and you are finally ready to enter a Stupendous league.YAY :D

    This game i am hoping will include A whole new set of pokemon. I am thinking about making this game with RMXP.

    I hope this game can be the best.

    I need help on
    a)Battle System
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