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    Originally Posted by sonic1 View Post

    As for this, now i'm outta time, but i'll try to do something to you. Thing is, there's a routine in the rom, a powerful one, that has ENTIRE access to a pokemon's data, and can change anything about it!
    List of things discovered that the routine can change (don't mind the hex numbers):

    0x00 - Pokémon ID
    0x01 - Trainer IDs
    0x02 - Nickname Max Length 1 (r6 should be the nickname's address)
    0x03 - Font / Language
    0x04 - Sanity
    0x05 - Sanity
    0x06 - Sanity
    0x07 - OT Name Max Length
    0x08 - Marks
    0x09 - Checksum
    0x0A - Filler
    0x0B - Species
    0x0C - Held Item
    0x0D - Attack 1
    0x0E - Attack 2
    0x0F - Attack 3
    0x10 - Attack 4
    0x11 - PP 1
    0x12 - PP 2
    0x13 - PP 3
    0x14 - PP 4
    0x15 - PP Bonuses
    0x16 - Coolness
    0x17 - Beauty
    0x18 - Cuteness
    0x19 - Exp. Points
    0x1A - HP EV
    0x1B - Attack EV
    0x1C - Defense EV
    0x1D - Speed EV
    0x1E - Sp. Attack EV
    0x1F - Sp. Defense EV
    0x20 - Happiness
    0x21 - Smartness
    0x22 - Pokérus Status
    0x23 - Catch Location
    0x24 - Catch Level
    0x25 -
    0x26 - Hometown / Poké Ball / Trainer Gender
    0x27 - HP IV
    0x28 - Attack IV
    0x29 - Defense IV
    0x2A - Speed IV
    0x2B - Sp. Attack IV
    0x2C - Sp. Defense IV
    0x2D - IsEgg
    0x2E - Ability Bit
    0x2F - Toughness
    0x30 - Sheen
    0x31 - OT Gender
    0x32 -
    0x33 -
    0x34 -
    0x35 -
    0x36 -
    0x37 - Status Ailment
    0x38 - Level
    0x39 - Current HP
    0x3A - Total HP
    0x3B - Attack
    0x3C - Defense
    0x3D - Speed
    0x3E - Sp. Attack
    0x3F - Sp. Defense
    0x43 - Hall Of Fame ribbon
    0x50 - Obedience

    Well, i explained this in the last post. Its the naming type, which is gonna through r0. But that can be easily changed, i think, so this is the least of our worries.

    My main worry is how you're gonna convert the letters bytes into usable codes.
    I was just wondering what exactly this routine is, and I was wondering if it would apply to eggs? For example, I want to create a script that would give you a specific egg with preset eggmoves. That or Pokemon with 'hidden abilities'. What special or callasm would I need to put into the script?

    If I've been mildly silly and the number is already posted I apologize in advance.

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