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Here is a list of what you can do by changing this byte. These are the ones that work 100% of the time. Meaning, these effects will ALWAYS happen. There are more (I didn't test from 00-C0) but I'm sure they are the same effects, just with less of a chance of happening. I know 01 has a 10% chance of putting an opponent to sleep, 03 has a 10% chance of burning an opponent, etc...


C1: Puts yourself to sleep.
C2: Poisons yourself.
C3: Burns yourself.
C4: Freezes yourself.
C5: Paralyzes yourself.
C6: Badly poisons yourself.
C7: Confuses yourself.
C9: Freezes opponent.
CA: Uproar's effect.
CB: Payday's effect.
CD: Sand Tomb's effect.
CE: 1/4 Recoil damage.
CF: Raises users attack one level.
D0: Raises users defense one level.
D1: Raises users speed one level.
D2: Raises users special attack one level.
D3: Raises users special defense one level.
D4: Raises users accuracy one level.
D5: Raises users evasion one level.
D6: Lowers users attack one level.
D7: Lowers users defense one level.
D8: Lowers users speed one level.
D9: Lowers users special attack one level.
DA: Lowers users special defense level.
DB: Lowers users accuracy level.
DC: Lowers users evasion one level.
DD: Takes a turn to recover (Hyper Beam, etc...)
DF: Thief's effect
E2: Users stats all raise one level (Except Accuracy and Evasion).
E5: Users attack and defense lower one level.
E6: 1/3 Recoil.
E7: Users attack raises two levels.
E8: Users defense raises two levels.
E9: Users speed raises two levels.
EA: Users special attack raises two levels.
EB: Users special defense raises two levels.
EC: Users accuracy raises two levels.
ED: Users evasion raises two levels.
EE: Users attack lowers two levels.
EF: Users defense lowers two levels.
F0: Users speed lowers two levels.
F1: Users special attack lowers two levels.
F2: Users special defense lowers two levels.
F3: Users accuracy lowers two levels.
F4: Users evasion lowers two levels.
F5: Outrage's effect.
F6: Knock Off's effect.
FB: Users special attack lowers two levels.
I've just started looking into other moves and found that below C0 they aren't the same effects. For example looking at Shadow Ball its effect is:

2E 85 3E 02 02 1A 28 00 69 1D 08

Wherein 1A lowers opponent's special defense by 1 stage. It doesn't seem to have a set percentage, you have to set it in PGE. Also looking at Psycho Boost and Overheat they have their effect set at 100 so perhaps these offsets you've listed don't have a 100% chance to happen?

Edit: Further research has revealed that offsets between 01 and 3B roughly follow the same pattern as those listed above but for the opponent. So far all the stat changers correspond as will status changers. Im not sure about recoil or outrage.
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