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    Bug-Galvantula because I fell in love with it in White
    Grass-The Bulbasaur line because they are my most favorite Pokemon evah
    Poison-Toxicroak due to B.A. design
    Ground-Marowak because of all the creepypasta centered around it
    Rock-Golem because it can survive dynamite. THE POKEDEX SAID SO
    Flying-Pidgeot because it was one of my trusty teammates in Leafgreen
    Normal-Togekiss because of Metrenome spam
    Electric-Magneton because I prefer it over Magnezone
    Steel-Lucario because of deadly spikes poking out of it
    Fighting-Machamp because multiple arms = win
    Psychic-Gardevoir because of crossdressing. (Since it can sometimes be male)
    Dark-Umbreon/Mightyena because I can't choose between them
    Ice-Walrein because walrus are awesome
    Water-Floatzel because of the life saving floatation device on its neck
    Fire-Arcanine/Ninetails because I once again can't pick between two Pokemon
    Ghost-Gengar because of a really epic battle against Lance in Leafgreen
    Dragon-Dragonite because Dragonite is win

    Please note, that my favorite Pokemon are subject to change at any given moment. OMGMUDKIPZ
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