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I now have 6 badges and am training my spectacular team yey. Not much to update on but I'm gonna wait to evolve my Magneton.

Here it is:

Flacco (Murkrow) (M) Lvl. 41
Adamant Nature
-Brave Bird
-Night Shade
-Faint Attack

Horatio (Donphan) (M) Lvl. 40
Adamant Nature
-Take Down
-Ice Shard

Ace (Accelgor) (M) Lvl. 34 @Lucky Egg
Modest Nature
-Mega Drain
-Acid Armor

Chloe (Exeggutor) (F) Lvl. 41
Modest Nature
-Wood Hammer
-Grass Knot
-Sleep Powder

Magneton @ Eviolite Lvl. 40
Modest Nature
-Thunder Wave

Maitre' D (Crawdaunt) (F) Lvl. 41
Jolly Nature
-Night Slash
-Dragon Dance

And still making progress...