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Haha thanks hun. Welp, I guess I'll start adding some more wants then. :P


Completed trades
LunarCrescent - Gible for Zangoose; free Cincinno, Druddigon, Kabuto
Shiny Electivire - Karrablast for Gigalith
Tabor62 - free Ampharos, shiny Jolteon, Delcatty, Cohagrigus, Lopunny, Archeops, shiny Haxorus, Vespiquen, Mamoswine, Magmortar
Bobandbill - Deino, Rotom, NidoranM, Petilil, Drilbur for Reuniclus, Wailord, Bronzong, Leafeon, a sad Sunflora
Dyl-icious - Rotom and Croagunk for Delibird and Octillery
Tabor62 - free Wigglytuff, Slaking, Crawdaunt, Vaporeon, Yanmega, shiny Lickilicky, Dewgong, Glaceon
Dyl-icious - Axew for Conkeldur
Iloveeevee - Free Terrakion
Necrum - Larvitar, Drilbur, Axew for Stoutland, Floatzel, and Steelix