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Welcome everyone! Glad to see so much renewed interest in this club! ♥
Originally Posted by コナンくん View Post
Also, Nomura Hinted for a KHHD2.5 too. So there is a good chance that Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix will be brought here too, which has a LOT of updates and added features to Kingdom Hearts II.
I'm super excited for the idea of a KH2.5 HD because it'll almost definitely include Birth by Sleep. *u*
Originally Posted by コナンくん View Post
I dunno why, but I love trophies in PS3, it makes me feel special. But when I see this picture.



Anyone here importing the game it releases in 5 days (well 6, but Japan its like 3/9 over there now) in Japan. I'm importing it. :3
I placed my preorder within hours of it going up on Play-Asia. I'm so excited!! I'm gonna try to Platinum it too, although there's a chance I might just do all the trophies for Re:COM and somewhat abandon KH1 because it might be my least favourite in the series, haha. (Well, aside from Re:Coded but that's a rant for another day.)

I'm replaying BBSFM right now in preparation for next week. I finished Terra's story and I'm in the midst of Ven's story. I was about to go into Neverland but decided it would be out of character not to get all the Ice Cream with Ven so now I'm collecting ingredients haha. :P I can't wait to start Aqua and by the time that's done (along with, hopefully, all my assignments for the next two weeks), my copy should be here. <3