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So I've stopped putzing around because I need to get a Tropius for a challenge and now I have about a day to get surf which means I need to get moving. So I beat Roxanne, filled in the rest of my party slots, met Steven, and beat Brawly. Party looks like this:
  1. Turlough. Combusken lv 17. Blaze|Mild; Scratch|Peck|Double Kick|Ember
  2. Nyssa. Zigzagoon lv 17. Pickup|Lonely; Tackle|Cut|Sand-Attack|Headbutt
  3. Jamie. Marill lv 16. Thick Fat|Calm; Tackle|Rollout|Tail Whip|Water Gun
  4. Ace. Shroomish lv 16. Effect Spore|Adamant; Mega Drain|Tackle|Stun Spore|Leech Seed
  5. Steven. Taillow lv 16. Guts|Calm; Peck|Growl|Wing Attack|Quick Attack
  6. Koschei. Sableye lv 16. Keen Eye|Jolly; Astonish|Scratch|Foresight|Night Shade

and yeah I know Koschei isn't technically a Classic Who companion but just try to tell me that's not perfect.

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