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Last games I beat (all within a day of each other so I feel okay posting three) were:

Rhythm Heaven Fever - Not nearly as good as the DS version. I suffered from HDTV lag and the games just weren't as fun or rewarding. :/ I wouldn't really recommend it.

Plants vs Zombies (Vita) - I wouldn't have bought this again (I already own it at least twice) but I was very happy to get it through PS+. It's such a good game and this is a really good port.

Gravity Rush - Another PS+ Vita game. I really liked it but I don't know if I'd have been happy paying full price for it. Good game to show off what the Vita's capable of. Could've used less touch screen and tilt mechanics, though. (I have little hands--I can't always reach the screen to swipe for a dodge while actively trying to fight. ;_;)

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