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    * cool map Serperion.

    I hadn't spent much time in Oreburgh because I didn't feel safe with all the Psychic types. I had two ways I could go to get to Mount Cornet and the Spear Pillar. One way would have me going over route 206/ the bike path and then over eterna city. Some scared travellers said that the bike path was compleatly flooded and filled with water types, and eterna city is filled with flying types, on the other hand I could take the long way around and travel through hearthome city which is infested with dragon types and then up to Celestic town which is rumoured to be taken over by fighting types.

    I decided to take the short way. Although I would have to be careful around the water types with Chimchar, I would probably be able to sneak through the flying area. I definetly wasn't gonna go up against the Powerful attacks of Dragon and Fighting types. I wasn't gonna risk my pokemon's lives, or the lives of the two companion Pokemon, Manaphy was sad that Jirachi was gone, but at least it was with Omega. I decided to head off.

    With Chimchar tucked into my jacket, we soared over the once dry bike path. It literally was covered in water pokemon. They all seemed pretty angry. Suddenly a red Gyrados used a powerful water gun at Togekiss. Togekiss fainted and we started to fall. I thought fast and returned Togekiss and sent out Lapras. We all landed on Lapras, except Manaphy who slipped off. I tried reaching for Manaphy, but it winked at me and swam down under water. I think Cresselia was messaging me, because something was telling me that Manaphy would meet us at Spear Pillar with help. I had to accept that and commanded Lapras to go. Cresselia was still flying above us. We quickly swam but the Gyrados was hot on our tail. And sat back a bit and sent out Deerling onto Lapras' back. Deerling stumbled but managed to catch her balance. I asked her to use a powerful razor leaf ( I would have got her to use solar beam, but the skies were still dark) and so she did. The leaves hit the Gyrados and it stopped following us. I congratulated Deerling for KOing Gyrados on her first go, but something wasn't right according to the myth and our general knowledge it had just become winter, but for some reason Deerling was in its Spring form. Suddenly Deerling changed into its Summer form. What was happening, a few minutes later, Deerling changed yet again into its Autum form. Was something wrong with Deerling, no It couldn't be, then it hit me. It wasn't anything wrong with Deerling, It was time, time was being sped up super fast, and it wasn't stopping. We reached Eterna city and headed for the Pokemon centre. Once inside we found the place crowded with other trainers. We got everyone healed up and prepared to continue. But outside looked dangerous. The city was covered in flying types and something was making them angry. But then I thought of a plan...
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