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    I'll do an Ultimate Mudkip solo Challenge!

    Here are My Games: FR/SS/E/P/B2

    Starting Fire Red Soon!

    From Now on ,Mudkip is known as Mawp.
    It will always be a Mudkip.
    In gen one, for example, I will replace Squirtle by Mawp.

    Fire Red First Update :
    Choosed Mawp The Rash Mudkip as my Starter.
    Defeated Green Easily (Pawned His Bulbasaur)
    Delivered Oak's Parcel
    Received a Pokedex and some Balls
    Trained a Little
    Defeated Green again
    Learned how to catch a Pokemon!
    Sweeped Brock
    Learned how to run
    Walked my way to Mt. Moon.
    Saved my Progress In Front of Mt Moon Entrance.

    Current Mawp: Fire Red

    Mudkip Lvl 19
    -Mud Slap
    -Water Gun