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Agnes Johansson - Atlantean Centre of Stockholm, Sweden

“It’s your turn now beautiful!”

The words were accompanied by a weak smile on the face of the Santa girl. She had without hesitation moved forward and caught the attention of one of the guards, somehow making him crawl off screaming, while Agnes had been watching with her jaw dropped, even forgetting to struggle to get rid of the guard who was on her. Santa's boobs were just too large to not stare at, even if you were a girl. And it wasn't like they were properly covered either, something that the other guard had discovered and gotten punished for noticing.

When the first guard had seemed to decide that Santa was a bigger thread at the moment, he had let go of Agnes and moved forward towards the other girl with his baton raised.

Now, Agnes watched the scene in slow motion. The guards were doing there job; keeping peace in the line. They were probably afraid of Atlanteans since they were clearly not Atlanteans themselves. It couldn't be an easy job. But that other guard had tried to grab Santa in an offensive way! Maybe that was because her suggestive clothing did things with his head though... It almost did things with Agnes' head after all.

And Santa... She was a really strange woman. But before Agnes' mind had time to sort out what they thought about her, a new person flew in from nowhere and struck the guard down with a metallic arm. The surprise made Agnes leap backwards up into the air again and become hanging there, two meters up.

"Sorry about them, they are only human," the new player said. She was a girl as well, or a woman perhaps. "I am Katerina Lukyanenko of the Royal Family, would you two girls like to follow me inside?” She addressed both in Swedish, offering a hand politely.

Agnes glanced at Santa and then struggled to gently enough float down back towards the ground. It wasn't easy; somehow she hadn't quite figured out how to control her altitude downwards yet. Upwards was easier.

"Hej," she said to Katerina. "Uh... Your guards aren't really helpful. I didn't mean to start a commotion, I swear!" No use to make enemies now, she did want to become a real Atlantean person after all! A quick thought of the girl she was now calling Santa made Agnes look her way before she began following Katerina inside the Atlantean Centre.

"Are you ok there?" Agnes asked her. She doubted that the other woman was shaken; she didn't exactly appear fragile and shy. But it was nice to ask, right? She had helped her after all.

((OOC: if Ichiro and CWP are alright with it, we can just say Agnes and Sant- I mean Kim are walking behind Katerina inside now?))

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