Thread: [B2W2] Champion Iris help?
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    I can't seem to defeat Haxorus it keeps using earthquake on me which i have to keep healing to survive xD i can't attack since im healing but i got like 100 revives and hyper potions i think
    Team:Emboar Lv.50 Cobalion Lv.58 Virizion Lv.53 Terrakion Lv.53 Azumarill Lv.53 Gurdurr Lv.54
    Moves:Emboar-Heat Crash, Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Head Smash.
    Cobalion-Sacred Sword, Iron Head, Retaliate, Swords Dance.
    Virizion-Sacred Sword, Giga Drain, Retaliate, Swords Dance.
    Terrakion-Sacred Sword, Rock Slide, Retaliate, Swords Dance.
    Azumarill-Hydro Pump, Surf, Superpower, Strength. (I could change it into Blizzard/Ice Beam just tell me )
    GurDurr-Focus Punch, Hammer Arm, Stone Edge, Scary face.

    I do know it's a pretty weak team but it's all i got so please help! T_T i saved on iris because elite four, i could barely beat them i must suck at this game because i can never defeat the games with champions in them sorry for the REALLY long thread i bet no one would read this X_X