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"...but the killer can't leave me forever."

Scyke looked around the cafeteria, a little embarrassed by the fact that he was part of the minority who actually was wearing the TR uniform. He thought about changing to normal clothes again; it's not like people in Goldenrod were going to appreciate a TR grunt going around for Pokemon. Just before he left however, some of the E8 members had already started to bicker and banter around. Scyke caught some of the conversation; one of them had said something about racing, then someone else had counteracted with some kind of pun. The lady with the lab coat sure did make him shudder yet curious at the same time; she looked confident, smart and... dangerous. Karma, wasn't that her name? Then he looked at the other members; all of them seemed that way. All of them were taller than him too. Scyke shook his head. No, this was not the time to get intimidated.

He took out Murkrow's Pokeball and brought the Pokemon out. "Murr!" exclaimed the little bird, happy that it was reunited with his trainer. He sat in Scyke's shoulder and let out a encouraging smile to Scyke. The task was easy enough; catch a Pokemon near Goldrenrod. Not wanting to cause any trouble or enemies right off the bat, Scyke left the cafeteria without speaking a word. A mission needed completing. And that crazy Karma lady wanted a race, huh? Even if he hadn't mentioned it to her, he was determined to be the first one to come back with the task completed. He is, at least he considered himself to be, one of the best young battlers in TR.

Nothing was going to stop him.

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