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Hello everyone! Well, I'm slowly getting my way back into PokéCommunity, and rejoining this club is a good way to stay on that trend. So to introduce myself, I'm Jessica aka Alakazam17, and I became a Pegasis because of a friend of mine directed me to the first post of a previous MLP club on PC. There was a link to the first episode, I watched it, and the rest is history.

As for my favourite pony, it is definitely Rarity, though Twilight Sparkle is a close second(and Fluttershy a close third, *sweatdrop*). Rarity's overdramatizing of things always makes me laugh, and I feel like she's a lot like me for the most part. Though I also share some qualities with my aforementioned #2 and #3 favourites.

About season three, some of the episodes weren't all that great in my opinion, but nonetheless I did enjoy quite a bit of them, especially the finale. And now I can't wait for season four to begin! I'm also interested in seeing the new spinoff series, which I knew nothing about before reading the latest posts in this here group. Perhaps this club, like the previous one I was a part of, will be the reason for making me a Pegasis all over again! :D