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Steven stared at the girl, Karma it was, in disgust. Had she just blown a kiss at him? He shook that off and looked at the girl with the Roselia, um, ugh, he couldn't remember much today. Then he placed her name, Parvati. She didn't answer is question, so he shrugged it off, and went outside to catch himself a Pokemon. How could Karma, go and just start making alliances. He wasn't here to make alliances. Steven returned Sonara, and walked outside of the room. When he reached outside, he leaned against the wall and put his head in his hands. Today was going to be a long day. He just had to figure out who did it before The Warden did. If the Warden figured it out, everything would go downhill. And his parents. His parents were a different matter. Now that he had a Pokemon, he could deal with them. But not now. He had to wait, and bide his time.

Steven walked up the stairs to the surface, looking for a Pokemon. There were none on first sight. Steven sent out Sonara. "Sonara, can you help me find a Pokemon?" Sonara stared up at Steven and nodded, sneezing an attract in his direction. Steven looked overcome and said, "Thanks Sonara!" Sonara sped off into the bushes, and Steven walked off in the same general direction. Through the bushes Steven thought of his plan. He just needed a fighting type... Sonara called out. Steven rushed to where she was. Sonara was just on the outskirt of Goldenrod, fighting a Riolu, dodging its moves. Steven cursed, a fighting type already? Sonara was not trained well enough. Ice type moves would do nothing, and dark would do little. "Sonara Attract!" Sonara used attract, and Riolu got hit square in the face.

Riolu looked dazed, it was a boy, perfect! "Sonara, use Agility and Attract simultaneously!" Sonara ran around Riolu in circles, making it dizzy and lovesick at the same time. The Riolu called out for Sonara. Crap, a townsman noticed! Steven had forgot to change in all of his waiting for his moment. "Sonara rush in and use Metal Claw multipul times!" Sonara rushed in and used Metal Claw, landing 3 hits, but that snapped Riolu out of the confusion, Riolu used Counter, and smashed Sonara into the ground. Darn it! That was super effective. Sonara looked dazed, and a police officer came running toward them. Steven jumped into a bush, leaving Sonara and the Riolu out in the open. The Riolu stared at the Policeman, and rushed into the woods. Sonara was left there, half fainted, getting up and looking into the eyes of a policeman. She used Metal Claw, and lightly scratched his face, leaving a large mark across it. The policeman jumped up, and using Agility, Sonara sped into the woods. The policeman left, and Steven stood conflicted. Sonara or the Riolu. Sonara it was.
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